Making Issue Three


We're deep into making Issue Three! To celebrate Women's History Month, this issue has a loose Lady Appreciation theme (but we aim to appreciate ladies in everything we make).


This issue contains a lot of our thoughts on being a feminist. Aysha and I have had really moving conversations about what feminism means for us, and what we want feminism to do for the world. A lot of our views have to do with building up fellow women (#ShineTheory), collaborating instead of competing. 

I do all of the writing for the zine in the morning. I set aside most mornings to write fiction, articles, product copy, etc., and the zine writing fits right into that time. For most of our zine's pages, the writing comes before the art.


Much of my writing process involves list-making. My brain works in lists (typical Type A), so I take advantage of that when I'm developing a piece of writing. Here, you'll find a list of my grandmother's traits. I'm writing about her and my paternal grandmother for Issue Three. 


For my fellow pen nerds: I write the zine with two pens. My personal favorite is the Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint with a 0.38 mm tip. It makes fine lines and the ballpoint flows nicely. I also like the design of the pen itself—it's sleek and minimalist. When I'm going for a thicker line, I'll use a Pilot G-2 Retractable pen. These have been my go-to pens since 2012. 

Writing for illustration challenges my brain in new ways. When I'm writing the zine, I have to ask myself, "Is this something Aysha can make into images?" It's always interesting to see what she develops from my writing. I hope every writer can have this experience someday.

We're releasing Issue Three of our zine in mid-March! Look out for it then.
In the meantime, order Issue Two in our store today.

Hurley Winkler