Three Things

We're kicking off our blog, Blogtalk, with a list of three things we're loving right now.

Hurley's Three


1. Carmex
Carmex is the butter to my bread and the breath to my life. I slather this shit all over my kisser every chance I get. I like the kind that comes in a jar because there's something weirdly satisfying about finishing off a jar of lip balm. 


2. Marissa A. Ross
I've developed a VERY ADULT interest in wine this winter. Words like "grippy" and "mouthfeel" occasionally tumble from my lips. A few months ago, I stumbled on a Marissa Ross interview on Man Repeller and binged her blog after that. Her writing is smart, hilarious, and informative. I'm also a big fan of her Instagram, where she gives bottles the "Ross Test" in Adidas athleisure. Total girl crush material. 


3. Babes + Books
I'm putting that B.A. in English to good use this year by leading a book club for Babes Who Hustle! We're meeting quarterly here in Jacksonville, and other babes around the globe have signed up to lead chapters of the club in their cities. For our first meeting on January 29, we'll discuss Roxane Gay's Hunger: A Memoir of (My) BodyI can't wait to talk about good books with fellow hustling babes.

Aysha's Three


1. Art-n-Fly Fine Line Drawing Pens
Fuck you, Micron—you've done nothing but waste my pennies. These Art-n-Fly pens can draw for miles. I even use them to make our zine!


2. Chris Hess
My friend Chris is the frontman of the amazing band Swimm. He's talented, kind, and beautiful in the best way—inside and out (just look at that hair). He has so much passion for music, which I'm learning is a rare quality in the digital age. 


3. I Am Sus
I don't even care that the cast is entirely male. The video series I Am Sus has a Wes Anderson aesthetic with All That humor. I'm so excited about their new episodes. 

Hurley Winkler