Making Issue Two

We’re putting the finishing touches on our second issue, which we’re releasing next Friday!



HURLEY: It has been significantly easier to make a zine the second time around. Aysha and I are getting better at conveying our ideas to one another. It took awhile for us to wrap this issue because of the craziness of the holidays, but we're feeling good about it.

Original image before we tore it up and collaged it.

Original image before we tore it up and collaged it.


AYSHA: Our cover features my drawing of skeletons holding beer bottles and chatting. It's an altered version of a sketch I drew for a mural. I ended up taking the mural in a different direction, but still loved the skeletons. We decided to use it for the cover.



HURLEY: Tearing up a drawing and laying it down as a cover is a technique we’ll probably maintain for every issue. This method arrived to us in the final hour when we were making Issue One—it was the day we were supposed to print, and we still didn’t have a cover. Aysha had an abstract drawing she wanted to use, but it looked flat when we laid it on the copy bed. I gave Aysha a minor heart attack by ripping her drawing into pieces and taping them to the page. When we copied it, the drawing’s essence was still there, but it had a lot more texture. It was also more collaborative that way, which is something we always strive to achieve. She drew, and I rearranged. The covers resemble conversations.

That’s an important lesson we’ve learned in the art of Xeroxing—in order to have texture, the page needs texture in the literal sense. Some of our favorite pages in the zine have torn pages and papers of varying weights. Construction paper combined with magazine paper formatted on printer paper is a family fave.


AYSHA: We talk a lot about our New Year’s Resolutions in this zine. We’re both big goal setters, so this is an important topic to us. One of my goals is to have a billboard!

HURLEY: Similar to Issue One, this issue contains a lot of poetry. I don’t ordinarily write poetry, but Aysha and I like to treat Nickname like a playground. It’s a place for us to explore.

We’re so excited to release this beauty into the world next week!
Stay tuned for a special Issue Two offer.



Hurley Winkler