Photo by Jesse Brantman for  Void Magazine

Photo by Jesse Brantman for Void Magazine

Nickname is a zine project by two friends—writer Hurley Winkler and artist Aysha Miskin.

In our pages, we combat life's woes with humor through poems, illustrations, letters, diary entries, collages, and more. Reading our zine feels like hanging out with a really good friend. 

"This cool little production is a handheld picture book that illustrates the pleasures of collaboration. These two girl bosses are meshing their worlds of creation to share their honest thoughts and associated illustrations with the world, and for that we are thankful."

MIEUX Magazine
"Once inside the 5"x7" booklet, Winkler and Miskin take you on a journey through their thoughts, confessions, and contemplations surrounding their individual identities. In many ways, Nickname is an extension of the creators' journals and sketchpads, with quirky regional references."

Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville
"Heavily influenced by pop-culture today, these ladies seem to be some of the rare young people today who GET IT and SCREAM IT."
Syndicated Zine Reviews
"Both of these folks have exquisite handwriting, btw."
Xerography Debt


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3948 3rd Street South, #183
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


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